How to install
SelectedTrackControl for Ableton Live

  1. Add Selected_Track_Control to Live’s MIDI Remote Scripts
    See Ableton’s help section for info where to install MIDI Remote Scripts.
  2. Start Live. Or restart if it was running.
  3. Enable SelectedTrackControl as a Control Surface in Live
    In Live‘s Preferences go to the “MIDI Sync“ tab and select “Selected Track Control” as Control Surface. As MIDI In select your MIDI controller’s MIDI Input. MIDI Output is usually not needed, so leave it empty.

How to install Kimidi ['ki:mi:di]
Extended keyboard shortcuts for Live!

  1. Install the SelectedTrackControl MIDI Remote Script
    If you haven’t done so already, see here.
  2. Install the app
    Download, unzip and drag Kimidi into your Applications-folder.
    Start it now by double-clicking it in Finder; its icon appears in the top right area of the screen next to the clock, etc. (the System Status Bar).

    Tip: add Kimidi to your Login Items under your User Account in System Preferences, so it is always ready when you jam away in Live.
  3. Enable SelectedTrackControl for Kimidi
    In Live’s Preferences go to the “MIDI Sync“ tab and select “Selected Track Control” as Control Surface. Under MIDI Input select “Kimidi Input”; as MIDI Output select “Kimidi Output” (needed for auto-arm track on selection to work).

Notes for Windows integration
Adding keyboard shortcuts to Windows

You need to install the SelectedTrackControl MIDI Remote Script.

To turn you computer keyboard into a MIDI-controller just like Kimidi does on Mac OS X, Bome’s Midi Translator Pro should be a good starting point. If you have created a configuration for it (or have another solution for turning keyboard input into MIDI on Windows) I would be happy, if you share it.

Download and install

Download STC (1.2.9)

for Live 7, 8, 9 and 10

Note: the download only contains the MIDI Remote Script for Live. If you want global keyboard shortcuts to control Live, have a look at Kimidi below.

Kimidi ['ki:mi:di]
Extended keyboard shortcuts for Live!

Kimidi is an extension to SelectedTrackControl and adds keyboard shortcuts to control the currently selected track in Live – e.g. hit ctrl+R to arm, ctrl+S to solo, etc.

Kimidi transforms global keyboard shortcuts into MIDI messages, which are sent to the SelectedTrackControl MIDI Remote Script inside Live.

Download Kimidi (v1.3.2)

macOS „Catalina“ is now supported! Thank you Matteo Ceruti

Not on Mac? Check out Windows integration

License / Get source

SelectedTrackControl is licensed under the
Simplified BSD License / FreeBSD License.
You can find the source code on github.

Feedback, Bugs, Ideas

If you have ideas for further controls or how to improve the software, please use this thread at the Ableton Forum.

If you like this software, please consider making a donation via PayPal in the top right corner of this page.


Credits go to Pete Yandell for providing PYMIDI for free and Manuel from Ruin & Wesen for getting me started on MIDI Remote Scripts with this great blog post.